Our food ethos

Nutrition first

Exceptional catering can take your day from an event to an experience. From delicate canapés to three-course meals, we believe there’s an opportunity to make an impact through every menu we create.

To nourish your guests and ensure their focus remains on you and your event, our kitchens put health and nutrition first. We’re committed to a 30% reduction in sugar from each of our menus.

We’ve implemented strict procedures to ensure every guest knows exactly what’s in their food, with allergen information readily accessible at all times. We lead by example by prioritising the wellbeing of our employees, with fair work hours and nutritional meals available for every member of our team.

Protecting our planet

We’re dedicated to evaluating and improving our food footprint, which is a cornerstone of our approach to catering and hospitality. With the global food system responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make an impact from our venue in Watford. That’s why a quarter of our dishes are vegetarian or vegan, and you won’t find single-use plastic stirrers, sachets or straws anywhere in our stadium.

Minimising our food waste by 20% is the next step on our environmental responsibility agenda. We’re also working towards halving the amount of beef we serve and sourcing at least 80% of our seasonal fruit and vegetables from British suppliers.

Enriching the world

As part of our commitment to serving the highest quality cuisine while minimising our environmental footprint, we proudly source premium ingredients from local suppliers. We choose our egg, dairy, meat and fish suppliers based on their approach to animal welfare and environmental responsibility, and moving forwards, will only source from producers that have been accredited in these areas.

We're always searching for ways to make meaningful changes, which includes lending our support to a variety of impactful social initiatives. For example, we’re focused on creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce by hiring more female chefs as part of the Women in Food campaign. We’re also dedicated to supporting our local community through improved employment opportunities and philanthropy.

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